Urethane Cement Flooring Installation San Diego, CA

Designed to resist in harsh and demanding environments.

Specialized and conventional protective methods to shield your facility floor from stains, damages, and chemicals.

urethane cements

Urethane Cements installation is a core capability at Creek Stone Resurfacing – a team of professional surface installers with decades of experience in epoxy flooring services. It is designed to withstand harsh and demanding environments. It withstands thermal shock, abrasion, impact and chemical attack.

Urethane Cement is like epoxy, as it is also a thermosetting polymer. And it is also known as the high-performance floor coating. Although it is thick in comparison to epoxy, urethane has much more flexibility, allowing it to absorb impacts much better than epoxy can.

Although urethane is less hard than epoxy flooring, it is much more resistant. Urethane is less likely to be damaged from any high-velocity impact.

Its elasticity allows it to outperform epoxy in areas with a high degree of heat variations. This is also very important for places that become very cold.

Urethane Cements

Designed to resist in harsh and demanding environments.