Surface Moisture Mitigation In San Diego, CA

Installing and repairing surfaces that can last a lifetime.

We leverage avant-garde moisture measurement tools,

relative humidity testing equipment, and moisture retardation systems to install surfaces that can last a lifetime.

Surface moisture mitigation is of prime importance when preparing concrete substrates. Cohesion between the surface on one hand and adhesion, preparation and flooring material on the other is imperative to preparing a durable, strong, and stable substrate. A mismatch here and there risks causing flooring failures. 

Creek Stone Resurfacing team is vary of the reasons for the bulk of floor failures and understands the importance of timely addressing of these preparation factors.

Surface Moisture Mitigation

One of the prime causes of failure of a concrete flooring system is moisture. There is excess moisture in concrete floor slabs that can severely impact the stability of the structure and damage floor finish.

Moisture-related surface failures cost over a billion dollars annually in the US, with poor surface preparation, imperfect concrete treatment, and lack of expertise contributing to the problem. It is therefore crucial that you assign the concrete design job to professionals.

Creek Stone Resurfacing contractors are professional substrate installers, skilled in applying well-formulated moisture remediation epoxy coatings that work like magic in keeping moisture off and enhancing concrete porosity, helping in reduce moisture vapor emissions.

With an eye for detail, we pay close attention to moisture-related challenges and risks that can cause a floor system failure and leverage decades of experience in fixing and improving performance of the surface structure.

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Surface Moisture Mitigation

Installing and repairing surfaces that can last a lifetime.