Concrete Floor Self Leveling in San Diego, CA

Designed for smoothing, leveling, and covering imperfections on damaged surfaces.

Professionally repair damaged flooring and uneven surfaces

Creating an elegant finished concrete floor.

Creek Stone Resurfacing specialists can professionally repair damaged concrete flooring and uneven surfaces, preparing highly durable, easy to maintain, and glossy new surfaces for decorative treatments.

Underlayments act as a thin topping in concrete substrates and remain covered under floor coverings, including tile, vinyl, and ceramic. Though these remain undercover, underlayments require utmost care in installation to ensure perfect floor leveling, which is crucial for preparing the surface for a smooth finish.


A quick solution for leveling and smoothing uneven concrete, these polymer-modified toppings comprise a flowable mixture that makes them easy to spread and self level on the surface, without trowling.

Their thickness makes self leveling underlayments ideal for raising the height of flooring and giving damaged, worn, and unsightly surfaces a new look after application.
Installed over an existing subfloor, underlayments seamlessly clear irregularities in the substrate, providing a durable, smooth, and level surface for laying drywall tracking.

Occupying a middle position in the entire flooring structure, self leveling underlayments provide better strength and stability and smoother surface for the finish floor. Not only this, it is also an important element in the floor “anatomy,” providing the tiles or flooring material above a better place to stick than just the subfloor.

Floor self leveling

underlayments are designed for smoothing and leveling subfloors and covering imperfections and damages on the surface.

These poured-on toppings are an ultimate solution for the restoration of damaged concrete and level uneven floors, resulting in a smooth finish that is just perfect for the installation of different types of surface structures, including laminate, natural stone, ceramic, and wood flooring.