Concrete Overlays in San Diego, CA

A perfect alternative to dress up the gray concrete in your porch or patio.

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For giving worn-out, cracked flooring surfaces a complete facelift in your home or commercial space.

Polished concrete is a multi-step process that transforms old concrete surfaces, turning them into aesthetically pleasing and durable floors. Since polishing is a multi-step process, you can choose the level of sheen – from matte to high-gloss.

Concrete polishing provides a high-gloss finish that never needs waxing or special coatings.

concrete overlays

Micro-toppings have been an innovation in the concrete flooring industry, which have made it possible to give a new finish to floors, which could not be stained or coated earlier, with coloring or chemical staining.

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A variety of color effects are possible with overlays to create one-of-a-kind floors. Complete texture concrete overlays are ultra-strong and perfect for trowel stenciling, stamping, or primer coating. You can alter the appearance of existing concrete with stamped or stained overlays and create new designs, textures, and colors and achieve a smooth floor finish.

After the overlay has dried up,marble- or granite-like finishes can be easily achieved with water-based acrylic colors, acid stains, and solvent-based dyes.

Concrete Overlays

A perfect alternative to dress up the gray concrete in your porch or patio.