Hotel Floors In San Diego, CA

Get a beaming surface with vibrancy, light, and energy.

Creating flooring designs that exude a modern contemporary feel and welcoming atmosphere.

A hotel floor plan should be designed considering the high foot traffic, furniture, and other heavy equipment that a surface has to withstand. While your purpose is to flaunt a mesmerizingly beautiful floor design, it is also important that the substrate can endure pressure and stress from traffic.

hotel floors

Polished concrete with epoxy coatings can turn a boring surface into one beaming with vibrancy, light, and energy

Metallic epoxy paint can bring dull, gray, and stained concrete floors back to life and add a dazzling effect to the structure, allowing you to transform your substrate in a range of glistening patinas. What’s more, these shimmering coatings can heighten the effects, add curb appeal to the setting, and make the surface look three dimensional.

Epoxy coating makes your floor look attracitve. Call the hotel flooring experts today!

Hotel Floors

Get a beaming surface with vibrancy, light, and energy.